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If you're like most internet marketers, you know how hard it is to get traffic: you have a great product and high conversion copy... the only problem is that no one knows about it!  And nothing you do gets the volume of traffic you need.  You've probably already tried:

SEO – and found out it takes forever to get right, and then the search engines changes all their rules again!
Pay per Click – and found out the only traffic you get is from your wallet to Google's bank account!
Joint Ventures – and discovered that no-one wants to know you regardless how good your product is! Plus you end up paying 50, 60, 70 sometimes even 80% commission!

Some of that stuff still works, sort of, but have you ever wondered why some web marketers have more traffic than they ever dreamed of while others get less and less?  Why some web marketers succeed beyond their wildest dreams and others fall by the wayside? 

What do they know that you don't? 

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